You are welcome to the home of upright creativity and innovations. Nothing gives more joy and fulfilment than innovating a new thing and creating a better world for the future generation. We (at amuGOLD Group) are proud to hold the front-lines of creativity in the manufacturing, agriculture/agri-value chain, finance and energy sector with the passion to create job, alleviate poverty, improve living standard, eradicate hunger and sustain the development of the global economy. We invite you to join our growing family of creative and innovative minds to do more, give more and reach more.

Our Portfolio

Jimpo-ORI Shea Butter Products and Go Essential Oils.
Sustainable Agricultural Value Chain Development
Marketing and Advertising
Reaching the unreached!
Helping the helpless
Business Ideation, Planning and Development
Transport Investment Management Experts
Energy Solutions

The Group

" This is our group. This is our entity. Its success is up to us. We come together as a legal body in search of ourselves, to work together, mobilize resources to solve problems and create wealth. What we have to share is honesty; what we hope to gain is trust. Through expression of our upright creativity, innovations, hopes, and dreams, we are set to touch lives and create a stronger economy for our dear country.
This is amuGOLD GROUP! "

Our Corporate Partners